"Supercomputing Education" Workshop Accepted Works

Educational and research systems for studying of parallel methods
Evgeniy Kozinov, Victor Gergel, Alexey Linev and Anton Shtanyuk

Experience of teaching of supercomputer technologies on the engineering directions in FSSFEI HPE “SUSU” (NRU)
Natalia Dolganina

Implementation of e-learning management system at the faculty of Computational mathemetics and informatics of South Ural State University for supercomputer technologies learning
Peter Y. Mekaev and Pavel S. Kostenetskiy

Integrative Possibilities of the Course "Parallel Programming"
Irina Zakharova and Alexander Zakharov

On the experience of development and teaching the lecture course «Parallel numerical methods» in University of Nizhny Novgorod
Konstantin Barkalov, Iosif Meyerov and Sergey Bastrakov

Programming and Optimization for Intel Xeon Phi Course
Alexey Linev, Iosif Meyerov, Alexander Sysoyev, Sergey Bastrakov, Anton Gorshkov and Alexey Svistunov