Quantum Computing

The objective of the seminar is the discussion on the prospectives of the use and the problems of implementation of quantum computing, as well as consolidation and coordination of the activities of scientific groups working in this area.

Areas of interest include (but not limited to):

  • physical model base of quantum computing
  • quantum algorithms;
  • simulation of quantum systems;
  • scalability of quantum computing systems;
  • associated technologies etc.

Submitting rules for the seminar are the same as the main conference submitting rules.

Important Dates

  • June 1 - abstract submission
  • June 15 - paper submission
  • July 15 - author notification
  • July 30 - camera ready submission
  • September 28-29 - seminar

Steering Committee

  • Kulik S.P., MSU (co-chair)
  • Molotkov S.N., ISSP RAS (co-chair)
  • Kupriyanov D.V., StPPU
  • Bogdanov Yu.I., FTIAN
  • Kalachev A.A., E. K. Zavoisky KPhTI
  • Kronberg D.A., MSU
  • Straupe S.S., MSU


Sergey P. Kulik, sergei.kulik@physics.msu.ru