Posters Accepted

Automated parallelization of sequential C-programs on the example of two applications from the field of laser material processing
Maxim Baranov, Dmitry Ivanov, Nikita Kataev and Alexander Smirnov

Computer modeling of structure formation in aqueous solutions of lecithin and bile salts
Anastasia Markina, Viktor Ivanov, Pavel Komarov, Alexei Khokhlov and Shih-Huang Tung

Delay Structure Mining in Сomputing Сluster
Alexey Gorelov, Archil Maysuradze and Alexey Salnikov

Development of high-performance GPU-based technique for mor-phological research of biological objects
Nikolay Gavrilov and Vadim Turlapov

Development of technological solutions in creating and using specialized hardware-software complex based on grid infrastructure supercomputer resources
Oleg Tchij, Nikolay Paramonov, Marina Kuleshova and Nadzeya Paramonova

Domain Decomposition Method for Supercomputer Simulation of Gravitating Systems
Nikolay Snytnikov and Vitaly Vshivkov

Efficiency of ARM processors for classical molecular dynamics calculations
Vsevolod Nikolskiy and Vladimir Stegailov

High-performance computing in bioinformatic analysis of protein superfamilies to design enzymes with new properties
Dmitry Suplatov, Nina Popova, Kirill Kopylov, Maksim Shegay, Vladimir Voevodin and Vytas Švedas

Influence of spontaneously formed crystalline inclusions on the mechanical properties of amorphous polymer matrix
Dmitry Gusarov, Viktor Ivanov, Pavel Komarov, Alexei Khokhlov, Yuung-Ching Sheen, Yang-Shan Lin and Cheng-Hung San

Investigation of graphics processors efficiency on the example of quantum-chemical modeling of the complex of chitosan
Arthur Yuldashev, Vladimir Lazarev and Vladimir Spele

Iterative modeling using supercomputer for reengineering semiconductor devices and analyzing their radiation resistance
Alexander Potehin, Andrey Churin and Serge Obolenskiy

Mathematical and numerical modeling of multidimensional quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields in the channel of electrodynamical launchers
Mikhail Galanin

Method for reducing graph of communication delays in for visual analysis
Alexey Salnikov and Nikolay Zhukov

Method of predicting the binding constants of steroids based on artificial neural networks
Irina Fedyushkina, Ilacai Romero Reyes, Vladlen Skvortsov and Inna Levina

Methods of job batch generation in distributed computing environments
Victor Toporkov, Dmitry Yemelyanov and Petr Potekhin

Modeling distributed column indexes in the context of parallel database systems
Stepan O. Prikazchikov and Pavel S. Kostenetskiy

Modeling the dynamics of the formation of clusters of radiation defects with the use of high-performance computing
Alexsander Puzanov, Sergey Obolensky, Vladimir Kozlov, Ekaterina Volkova, Alexsander Potehin and Ilya Zabavichev

Numerical models of helical electron beams for cyclotron reso-nance-based masers
Aleksey Kuntsevich and Vladimir Manuilov

On Parallel Programming Paradigms
Lidia Gorodnyaya

Parallel computing in identification of steel corrosion processes
Marat Enikeev and Irek Gubaydullin

Parallel implementation of extended Petri nets in the low-level modeling of traffic
Nikolay Ershov

Quantum-Chemical Simulation of Adsorption and Catalytic Properties of Gold Nanoparticles in the Cluster Approach
Daria Pichugina, Sergey Nikolaev and Nikolay Kuzmenko

Solution of Problems of Combustion Gas Dynamics on Hybrid CPU/GPU Computing System
Lyuben Stamov and Elena Mikhalchenko

Supercomputer technologies on modeling of joint implant with finite element software
Razim Garipov, Polina Maximova, Aliya Gainetdinova and Alfiya Yamileva

The dependence of reverse micelles free energy from their size: a molecular dynamics simulation at "Lomonosov"
Alexander Nevidimov, Sergey Tovstun and Vladimir Razumov

The interdisciplinary course "Introduction to parallel evolutionary models and algorithms" - teaching experience
Nikolay Ershov and Nina Popova

Using multifrontal hierarchically solver and HPC systems for 3D Helmholtz problem
Sergey Solovyev, Dmitry Vishnevsky and Hongwei Liu

Using of container virtualization to run tasks on a distributed supercomputer
Vladislav Shchapov and Denis Chugunov