Session Papers and Talks Accepted

A multilevel approach to algorithm and software design for Exaflops supercomputers
Boris Glinskiy, Igor Kulikov, Aleksey Snytnikov, Igor Chernykh and Dmitry Weins

A Parallel Multiple-Precision Arithmetic Library for High Performance Systems
Konstantin Isupov and Knyazkov Vladimir

A technology for the design of hybrid supercomputer simulation codes for relativistic particle electrodynamics
Alexey Snytnikov, Ekaterina Mesyats, Marina Boronina and Alexey Romanenko

A Technology of 3D Elastic Wave Propagation Simulation Using Hybrid Supercomputers
Dmitry Karavaev

Application of modern high-performance techniques for solving local and global seismic problems
Nikolay I. Khokhlov and Igor B. Petrov

Arrowhead decomposition for a block-tridiagonal system of linear equations
Pavel Belov, Eduard Nugumanov and Sergey Yakovlev

Case study of using Intel Xeon Phi for solving Particle-in-Cell plasma simulation problems
Iosif Meyerov, Sergey Bastrakov, Igor Surmin, Arkady Gonoskov, Evgeny Efimenko, Aleksei Bashinov, Artem Korzhimanov, Anton Larin, Alexander Muraviev, Anatoly Rozanov and Mikhail Savichev

CMF - framework for high-resolution Earth system modeling
Vladimir Kalmykov and Rashit Ibrayev

Development of parallel linear solver for reservoir simulation on hybrid computing systems with multiple GPUs
Arthur Yuldashev, Ratmir Gubaidullin and Nikita Repin

Development of SIGMA software for the supercomputer simulation of coupled aerodynamic and thermomechanical processes in composite structures of high-speed aircraft
Yury I. Dimitrienko, Mikhail N. Koryakov and Andrey Zakharov

Dynamic tuning methods of DVMH-programs for clusters with accelerators
Vladimir Bakhtin, Alexander Kolganov, Victor Krukov, Natalya Podderugina and Mikhail Pritula

High-performance simulations of continuously variable transmission dynamics
Stepan Orlov, Natalia Melnikova, Yury Ispolov and Nikolay Shabrov

How to reach GreenGraph500 top with FPGA-based supercomputer? Theory and practice.
Anatoliy Sizov and Sergey Elizarov

Hydrogeological modeling in radioactive waste disposal safety assessment using the GeRa code.
Ivan Kapyrin, Igor Konshin, Kopytov German, Kirill Nikitin and Yuri Vassilevski

Information and mathematical software for the aerospace systems of remote sensing and the radiation forcing on the Earth's climate to predict the consequences of development of the Arctic region and computing
Tamara Sushkevich, Sergey Strelkov and Svetlana Maksakova

Massively parallel hybrid algorithm for simulation of seismic wave propagation in complex media
Victor Kostin, Vadim Lisitsa, Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Tcheverda and Dmitry Vishnevsky

Matrix methods for fluid mechanics problems
Michael Ermakov

Methods for increasing optimisation for large scale parallel computing experiments on unstructured grids
Sergey Sukov

Microservices cloud applications testing approach
Dmitry Savchenko and Gleb Radchenko

Modern high-performance reconfigurable computer systems based on Xilinx Virtex-7 and Virtex UltraScale FPGAs
Alexey Dordopulo and Ilya Levin

MPI Implementation of Dimension Reduction Multilevel Scheme for Parallel Solving the Global Optimization Problems
Alexander Sysoyev, Konstantin Barkalov, Victor Gergel and Ilya Lebedev

Multiscale modelling approach to property prediction: hypercrosslinked polystyrene.
Alexei Lazutin, Anna Glagoleva, Mikhail Glagolev and Valentina Vasilevskaya

Numerical solution of kinetic equations for high-speed rarefied gas flows
Vladimir Titarev

Operator library for solving of mathematical physics problems on locally adaptive grids using CUDA
Michael Krasnov

Optimal checkpointing to the local storage device
Aleksey Bondarenko and Mikhail Iakobovski

Optimized implementation of HPCG benchmark on supercomputer with "Angara" interconnect.
Alexander Agarkov, Alexander Semenov and Alexey Simonov

Parallel Algorithm for Local-best-match Time Series Subsequence Similarity Search on the Intel MIC Architecture
Aleksander Movchan and Mikhail Zymbler

Parallel algorithm for mathematical modeling of interaction of a strong shock wave with a molecular cloud
Boris Rybakin, Valery Goryachev, Lyuben Stamov and Elena Mikhalchenko

Parallel algorithm for solving large-scale dynamic general equilibrium models
Nikolai Melnikov, Arseniy Gruzdev, Michael Dalton and Brian O'Neill

Parallel algorithm for sparse QR decomposition of a rectangular upper quasi triangular matrix with ND-type sparsity
Sergey Kharchenko

Parallel implementation of the sparse QR decomposition for rectangular upper quasi triangular matrix with ND-type sparsity
Sergey Kharchenko and Alexey Yushchenko

Parallel linear systems solution for multiphase flow problems in the INMOST framework
Igor Konshin, Igor Kaporin, Kirill Nikitin and Yuri Vassilevski

Parallel partitioning tool GridSpiderPar for large mesh decomposition
Evdokia Golovchenko and Mikhail Yakobovskiy

Parallel program complex for numerical weather prediction and climate modeling
Mikhail Tolstykh, Rostislav Fadeev and Vassily Mizyak

Perspectives of exascale computing for novel energy technologies
Vyacheslav Vecher, Nikolay Kondratyuk, Genri Norman, Nikita Orekhov, Vasiliy Pisarev, Grigory Smirnov and Vladimir Stegailov

Research and development methods ensure acceptable thermal mode for teraflops supercomputers
Alexsander Rymarchuk, Victor Maziuk, Nikolay Paramonov and Oleg Tchij

Research of tomographic schemes of low-frequency ultrasonic diagnostics on supercomputers
Sergey Y. Romanov

Serial-parallel method using for partial associative operation parallelizing
Алексей В. Фролов

Simulation of unsteady processes in turbomachines based on non-linear harmonic NLH-method with the use of supercomputers
Yuri Boldyrev, Alexander Rubtsov, Yuri Kozhukhov, Alexander Lebedev, Ivan Cheglakov and Aleksei Danilishin

Solving the global optimization problems on heterogeneous cluster systems
Konstantin Barkalov, Victor Gergel, Ilya Lebedev and Alexander Sysoyev

Solving unstable linear programming problems of high dimension on cluster computing systems
Irina Sokolinskaya and Leonid Sokolinsky

Supercomputer simulation of nanocomposites on the basis of carbon and silicon in new types of Li-ion power sources
Dmitry Varlamov, Vadim Volokhov, Tatiana Zyubina, Alexander Zyubin, Alexander Volokhov and Gennady Pokatovich

Supercomputer simulations method of the coupled qubit and oscillator systems
Marina Denisenko, Arkady Satanin, Alexey Liniov, Victor Gergel and Dmitry Pashin

Supercomputing in the context of the knowledge economy
Yuri Zelenkov

The efficiency of the implementation of iterative methods for the solution of elliptic equations in atmospheric general circulation models on massively parallel systems
Evgeny Mortikov

The structure of INMOST program platform and its usage for numerical modeling problems
Alexander Danilov, Kirill Terekhov, Igor Konshin and Yuri Vassilevski

Topology reserves of flattened system networks
Viktor Podlazov and Michail Karavay

Two-level parallel strategy for multifrontal sparse Cholesky factorization
Sergey Lebedev, Dmitry Akhmedzhanov, Evgeniy Kozinov, Iosif Meyerov, Anna Pirova and Alexander Sysoyev

Using Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor for execution of natural join on compressed data
Leonid Sokolinsky and Elena Ivanova

Using of Lammps and Gromacs software packages for high-performance deposition simulation of nano-structured thin films
A.N. Sharov, A.A. Gorokh, M.Y. Kozmin, A.V. Sulimov, D.V. Lukyanenko and S.A. Sharapova

Virtual prototyping technology is the key technology for analysis of results of supercomputer modeling
Nikolay Shabrov, Vladislav Kiev and Aleksei Kuzin

What is the fastest way to compute quantum and classical atomistic models using the latest software algorithms and supercomputing hardware?
Grigory Smirnov and Vladimir Stegailov

Yet another tridiagonal matrix algorithm parallelizing method
Алексей В. Фролов

Математическое моделирование столкновения галактик на гибридных суперЭВМ с ускорителями Intel Xeon Phi
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Vladislav Nenashev and Eugenya Katysheva